Drew Bonner Took An AB In A Wheelchair, Drew A Walk

Yesterday, during a story about an 8-year old kid with cancer running in a touchdown for East Carolina University, we called for the worldwide spread of the “sports teams being nice to kids” meme. Today, two Virginia high schools have kept the allergies flowing.

Via YouTube:

Fairfax High School and Madison High School honored senior student Drew Bonner on April 22, 2013. Drew gets the ceremonial first at-bat.

Drew is in a wheelchair, but he hasn’t let that stop him from being a four-year varsity team manager, a braggart about his days skunking kids in Little League and a soon-to-be student at the University of Virginia on an academic scholarship. He also didn’t let the pitcher intimidate him in his ceremonial first-at-bat, as you can see in the clip below.

A kid in a wheelchair reaching first on a walk is awesome, and someone has thrown sand into my eyes, because argh. Great job, Drew. That walk means you’re already better at baseball than Vlad Guerrero.

[via @CoachCos18]