Drew Brees Appreciates Fine Art

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07.28.10 15 Comments

Drew Brees was at a sports memorabilia store at the Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, Mississippi over the weekend, signing autographs for fans for a $150 a pop. Pretty standard, really. Local high school art teacher David Magee saw the appearance as an opportunity to get the quarterback’s autograph on a 41-inch portrait that he painted of Brees hoisting his infant son in the air after winning the Super Bowl. The painting, of course, is life-sized.

Magee waited in the massive line and when he eventually presented the painting, Brees offered to purchase it immediately. While Magee won’t disclose how much Brees paid for it, we hope he’s as good at math as he is art because Brees was taking $150 per head from thousands of people. Magee did say that he received payment in addition to autographed merchandise and Saints tickets, which made the day totally worthwhile for the teacher. Much better, in retrospect, than the day I tried to get Tiger Woods to autograph my portrait, “Perkins at Sunset.”

Paint me riding a dragon made of rainbows, Gulflive.com:

“He actually bought it,” Magee said. “I’m still in shock! My painting, my work is going to be a family heirloom for the Brees family.”

Magee said he and Brees had a conversation and shook hands. Brees told Magee that he was going to give it to his son.

“You dream that it will go that way, but you never really expect it to happen,” Magee said. “Wow! For him to want it for his son was by far more important than getting any money for it.”

Haha, sure it was, art teacher. Magee also said that he was willing to spend the $150 to get Brees’ autograph because he knew he’d be able to sell the painting for more if it had the Super Bowl MVP’s Herbie Hancock and a sticker marking the authenticity. Either way, that’s a pretty sweet afternoon regardless of his ambitions, and it further proves what an awesome guy Brees is.

If you’ve been keeping count since 2006, Brees signed with the Saints, published a full-page love letter and victory promise to the city in the local newspaper, has donated limitless hours and money to local charities in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s disastrous effects on the city, made countless appearances at local events, and, you know, won the first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Meanwhile, Daunte Culpepper recently signed a receipt for some taquitos. *bitter Miami Dolphins fan*

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