Drew Brees. One Direction. Together At Last

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10.11.12 7 Comments

Pepsi had been teasing its newest superstar commercial with the boy group One Direction and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for a few weeks, so it wasn’t like we didn’t know this was coming. Once the full commercial actually hit, most people were still a little surprised to see the man so powerful that even Oprah couldn’t wipe a birthmark from his face hamming it up with Simon Cowell’s latest gaggle of cash machines.

But Brees is a family guy, so this is hardly a surprise, and judging by the reaction of One Direction fans on Twitter (don’t go look for yourself, just trust me) this is actually a potentially huge bonus for the Saints and the NFL, as millions of teenage girls may suddenly become fans because Breesus let Harry or Niall or whoever share a can of Pepsi. If that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before One Direction is announced as the Super Bowl halftime show.

As if it wasn’t hard enough for me to get “What Makes You Beautiful” out of my head. Damn catchy paint-by-numbers pop music. Anyway, about that commercial…

So the commercial is what it is – a soda ad, featuring the world’s most popular boy group (with apologies to the Danger Guerrero Experience) and one of the NFL’s most popular QBs. I just had one little issue with it, if you’ll humor me.

First, here’s a screen grab of One Direction’s fans popping up and cheering for them:

Now, here’s a screen grab of Drew Brees’ fans:

What the F-bomb is that, Pepsi? I think I might see a Saints logo on that dude’s beanie, but I’m not even sure. Forget Pepsi, this may be Roger Goodell’s cruelest act of punishment yet. Not for Saints fans, but revealing the true nature of Miami Dolphins fans. As for One Direction, though, I’ll let IcExGuRl123 speak for me…

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