Drew Brees Opened Up About The Death Of His Former Teammate Will Smith

04.11.16 3 years ago
will smith

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Will Smith‘s murder over the weekend in New Orleans shook up the NFL. The ripple effects of the act spread throughout the entire league, as former teammates and other players grieved.

For the latest edition of his Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King got a number of people to open up about Smith. The first was Smith’s former teammate, Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Brees’ entire blurb, as well as the article itself, are more than worth your time if you haven’t read them already.

Brees spoke about everything from handling the loss to what Smith meant to the Saints, all of which came from the deepest parts of the heart that can often be so hard to express through words. However, it’s Brees’ first quote that resonated the most:

“We’ll all gather back in New Orleans 10 years after winning the Super Bowl, 20 years, 50 years, to celebrate what a great thing it was for our team and for our city,” Drew Brees said Sunday night. “And we’ll be together, but something will be missing.

“No Will.”

Brees’ words, along with those who spoke to King, can only begin the long healing process about to take place for those who knew Smith. None of those words, however, can ever make sense of what happened. That’s the most maddening and difficult part.

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