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An Australian driver frustrated with a pack of about 60 bicyclists — including six Olympians — took his car into the thick of the pack, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage and several injuries in a road rage hit-and-run.

Witnesses to the crash [said] up to 60 professional cyclists were riding south on Southern Cross Drive, just south of Dacey Avenue, Mascot about 6.30am when a driver, agitated with being held up, accelerated in front of the pack and then slammed on his brakes, giving the riders no time to stop…

The resulting smash forced a semitrailer to lock up, jackknife and screech to a halt behind the cyclists while cars had to swerve to avoid them.

Among those affected were a rider training for the last spot on the Olympic team who was injured, a cyclist who had just returned to her bike after she was involved in a road crash that killed a teammate, and the three women at the front of the pack who were sent flying into the back of the car.  Asked for comment, I said, "Dude, not cool."

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