Drunk Lady Talks To Rashard Lewis

Hugging Harold Reynolds posted this video yesterday, and it certainly is worth watching. A rather inebriated woman goes up to NBA player Rashard Lewis at what looks like an NBA shop and peppers him with oddly worded questions. You’d think Lewis would look like the smarter one in this situation, but when he says that he’s afraid of Jesus, you start to think this is a perfect conversation.

Despite her drunken appearance, you could certainly do worse with a sideline reporter. Unlike Craig Sager, she’s only aurally and not visually offensive. The woman also has no problem with transitioning smoothly from question to question, because she decides to ask whatever she wants to and doesn’t care how disjointed her interviewing process is. Hey, at least she’s asking stuff people want to hear and not stuff people already know.

I think someone should find this lady a place to continue her segments of boozing and schmoozing. Jimmy Kimmel, you’d seem like the perfect late night show host to have her on. Jay Leno wouldn’t be able to because she’s funnier than him. Yeah, I made a half-hearted Leno joke, but I still put more effort into it than Leno did in the past three years. BOOM.