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Dwight Dixon–the man who accused NFL receiving legend Marvin Harrison of shooting him in 2008–was found leaning against his car in Philadelphia yesterday morning. With seven bullet holes in his body. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Although eyebrows raised yesterday when word leaked that Dixon was shot on Girard Avenue near 28th Street, just two blocks north of Harrison’s bar, Playmakers, investigators said they had no evidence to suggest Harrison’s involvement and had no suspects, sources said.

Dixon’s attorney said that he hoped to visit Dixon in the hospital today. “I have no idea what this could be about,” he said. The attorney said that he and Dixon are pursuing the civil suit they filed last fall against Harrison over the shooting. via.

The suspect was identified as a 6-foot black man wearing a hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and white athletic shoes. What a promising lead. And by the way, Dixon’s civil complaint was reported by ESPN before charges were ever filed. I felt like I had to get that in there.

It’s too bad Harrison wasn’t a white quarterback playing for the defending Super Bowl champs. One suspects that such standing would have made his life a little easier. Not that Harrison was the one that got shot seven times…but you know what I mean.

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