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Southern Cal coach Pete Carroll has this reputation for being one of the more laid-back and personable guys in college football. That reputation might take a hit after throwing a mighty hissy fit after his quarterback, Mark Sanchez, announced that he would skip his senior year and enter the NFL draft. Carroll, who probably pays his players anyway, was surely pissed. And said so.

“We have always been in full support of Mark pursuing his dream,” Carroll said, “he just should have postponed realizing his dream another 12 months.”[…]

Carroll cited a study that shows 62 percent of underclassmen quarterbacks who declare early for the Draft eventually don’t pan out in the NFL. He also pointed to Sanchez’s NFL Draft evaluation, which projected Sanchez as a second-round selection.[…]

“Even though we disagree, I still support him and we’re going to try to help him in any way we can,” Carroll said. “It’s like a family member — you’re not going to stop loving him just because he makes a bad choice.

I’m guessing this is the same spiel that Carroll gave Matt Leinart in 2005. Leinart, you’ll remember, would have went back to USC for his senior year despite being the consensus No. 1 prospect in that year’s draft; he was drafted tenth the following year, signed for a lot less money, and he’sstill riding the bench. Even if Carroll couldn’t brainwash his quarterback into coming back, why poop in the lunchbox of a guy that’s going to represent his program in the pros? Not cool, bro. Not cool.

[Fabulous Forum via PeteCarroll.com]

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