Dude, WTF Kris Humphries?

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04.05.12 3 Comments

I’ve never heard of WestEast Magazine, but apparently it is quite the source of artsy fashion style stuff – I’m classy, bros – and it even has a website that might be up and running eventually. And what better way to launch said website than by merging style and fashion with professional sports, because as we all know so well, athletes love them some clothes.
So which superstar athlete did WestEast reach out to for its latest issue? Was it one of our noted style icons like LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Andre Iguodala, Dwyane Wade, or even documentary filmmaker and fashion guru Baron Davis? No, it was Kris Humphries. Did you not get that from the title of this post?

Kris, 27, was apparently interested in doing the shoot because of the James Bond action hero theme and “he thought it would be a fun thing to do. He’s a guy, so the action figure theme was appealing. Plus, he wanted to help out his friend, stylist Derek Warburton, who is WestEast‘s fahion director,” an insider told Hollywoodlife.com.
As for reports that Kris did the shoot as “revenge” on Kim Kardashian with whom he’s in the midst of a divorce? — Those rumors are “ridiculous” says a source. (Via Hollywood Life)

How the hell would a fashion shoot be revenge against a girl who Tweets about not wearing makeup as an excuse to post a picture of her huge breasts? Revenge would be actually proving in court that Kim Kardashian is guilty of fraud and that she knowingly and maliciously entered into a fake marriage to fool companies into paying her upwards of $17 million.
Revenge isn’t dressing up like a douchebag and making pouty faces because you think it makes you look like a British movie spy. Hollywood Life also has some exclusive pictures from Humphries’ shoot that I’ve included after the jump. Enjoy. But be ready for the last one. It’s a doozie.

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