Duke Lax Accuser Serves Time For Child Abuse

12.22.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

Alleged Duke lacrosse rape victim Crystal Mangum found herself back in the news earlier this week, and it wasn’t because she was putting her newfound police psychology degree to good use, either.

Mangum, 32, found herself in legal trouble for smashing her boyfriend’s windshield, slashing his tires and then setting his clothes on fire, allegedly in response to being punched in the face by him.

Because her three children were in the Durham, N.C., house where these activities were taking place, prosecutors brought the child abuse charges.

She served 88 days in jail, two days shy of what the maximum penalty would have allowed.

Questions the jury asked Jones during deliberations suggest the three dissenting jurors thought she was reckless in setting fire to a pile of her boyfriend’s clothing in their bathtub. That fire ended up charring the walls and ceiling of the bathroom, with Mangum’s three children and two police officers in the apartment.

–Raleigh News-Observer.

Doesn’t “Mangum” sound like the perfect name for a stripper? Mangum. Man. Gum. Awesome. By the way, she managed a mistrial on that first-degree arson, although some people thought that she was being treated harshly for her rape accusations of four years ago. The boyfriend that allegedly punched her in the face, by the way, wasn’t charged. Probably because he wasn’t on the “lineup card.”

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