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Fun story coming out of Durham: arguably the star player of Duke, John Scheyer (aka Greg Paulus 2.0) had a conversation with SI.com’s Dan Patrick, where he admitted that before he enrolled in Duke, he thought that, yeah, Duke sucked.

Dan asked if Scheyer ever hated Duke. “At times I did, ya,” Scheyer said. ” Around junior high, I really disliked Duke.”

Scheyer said that it wasn’t the players. “All my friends like Duke, and I wanted to be different,” Scheyer said. —Dan Patrick/SI.com.

There is a sort of contrarianism that permeates through new media now: each gospel seems to be some sort of permuation of Duke sucking, Chris Berman being a fat, sweaty idiot and college football needing a playoff. Be that as it may. It’s fascinating to think of a guy that plays for Duke that used to hate Duke just because everyone else he knew hated Duke. That’s a lot to chew on, isn’t it?

So what happens when Scheyer leaves? Will he hate Duke again? Will he play quarterback at Syracuse and be sort of apathetic to Duke? Will he score the game-winning basket for Purdue and then rip off his jersey to reveal a Boilermakers T-shirt, a la WWE? Too many questions? Probably. Img via Daddy Sugar Balls.

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