A Top Recruit Committed To Duke By Pretending To Be A Superhero

03.14.17 1 year ago

Louisville Courier-Journal

Tahj Rice is a four-star defensive tackle according to Rivals. According to his commitment video, he’s also a superhero who shoots blue lasers out of his eyeballs and rescues damsels in distress.

Rice announced he committed to Duke in a video posted by the Louisville Courier-Journal on Tuesday where the high schooler becomes a Duke superhero and rescues a woman tied up in a basement. The campy video was Rice’s way of announcing his college decision, which also included his hometown Cardinals as well as Oregon, Virginia Tech and USC.

Louisville Courier-Journal

First we see a headline in the Aspirations Journal-News: ‘T-NASTY ON THE LOOSE * WHERE WILL HE GO NEXT * CAN HE SAVE THE DAY … AGAIN?’ It’s not clear if this T-Nasty fella is good or bad, but the editor of the newspaper clearly wants answers.

At first, Rice appears to be a reporter at AJ-N. The bald man we assume is the editor asks him if he’s “on this” headline. The high school senior says he can be! He runs off to investigate.


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