01.26.07 11 years ago 10 Comments

I know it's really unoriginal to hate Duke… but I hate Duke. And I also hate having to pay attention to college basketball in January when cheerleaders aren't involved, so I kind of hate Duke twice as much for their controversial last-second win over Clemson last night. David McClure — he just sounds like a Duke student — made a layup as the clock expired following Clemson's dramatic three to tie the game… only there shouldn't have been any time left at all.

Listen, it's all very complex, but people in the know say that following a referee huddle-up, they put 4.4 seconds on the clock when there should have been 2.4. Here's the video evidence:

Whatever. Wake me up in March. Or when Gilbert Arenas goes back to college and drops 80+ on Coach K

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