Dustin Byfuglien Crushed Mark Stone With One Of The Biggest Hits Of This NHL Season

Dustin Byguflien has plenty of highlights that speak to his size physical strength, but this hit laid on Mark Stone on Wednesday night might be one of the more jarring examples in recent memory. Stone learned the hard way that it’s always important to keep your head up when entering Byfuglien territory, otherwise you could pay some very painful consequences.

That’s exactly what happened when the 6’5, 265 lbs. Jets defenseman absolutely crushed Stone as he attempted to enter the offensive zone, sending him violently to the ice in a hurry. Stone was clearly dazed as a result of the big hit and didn’t get to hit feet until a trainer came to his aid and escorted him off the ice. The Senators forward returned to the game after a few minutes, but was later ruled out with a “chest injury” following the second intermission.

The hit, as violent as it was, was a clean one — Byfuglien stopped Stone with a shoulder to the chest while still on his feet — but that didn’t stop Senators players from getting in Byfuglien’s face and forcing him to answer for the big collision.

Hopefully Stone escapes without serious injury, but he may want to skip the postgame highlights regardless. Watching this hit makes even my teeth hurt.