A Hockey Guy In A Lion Costume Is Better At Basketball Than Dwight Howard

In the style of our non-stop KIDS BEATING THE MIAMI HEAT AT BASKETBALL coverage comes this clip of Bailey, lion mascot for the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, out-shooting Dwight Howard, a guy who gets paid to win at basketball. This contest of skills was made possible by the NHL lockout, which has given the league’s mascots a lot of free time, and the Los Angeles Lakers, who are currently 7-8 and still waiting for the NBA season to begin, I guess.

Here’s the recap, courtesy of ESPN’s Dave McMenamin by way of That NBA Lottery Pick:

Dwight said it didn’t count unless it was on the main court. So Bailey beat him at free throws on the main court. Then Dwight moved the contest out to the NBA 3-point line. They shot 3s from the corner and Bailey, a man standing about 5-10 wearing a lion costume, beat Howard, a man standing 6-9 and wearing his basketball practice uniform and sneakers as the first person to make five 3s.

That Bailey. He’s so smug.

Video proof that this was not just a Brandon Stroud fever dream is below. Warning: It is still not hockey.

Up next, Hugo the Hornet scores a shootout goal against Henrik Lundqvist.

[h/t to Danielle]