Dwight Howard Bought A House In Newport Beach For $20 Million… With A Check

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08.17.12 2 Comments

It appears that the hopes of Dallas Mavericks fans may be dashed if they were hoping that Dwight Howard could be lured their way as a free agent after the 2012-13 season. The guy who just dragged the Orlando Magic through hell and back is now apparently done with Florida altogether, as he is moving to California. Howard, who has spent his days tooling around Beverly Hills and chatting with TMZ since back surgery, just wrote a $20 million check for the above home in swank Newport Beach.

And I know this because a real estate website told me so.

It is rumored that Howard will live in Newport Beach, where his teammate Kobe Bryant also lives. Bryant famously told GQ that he takes a helicopter to work (meaning practice and games) on a daily basis, will Howard follow suit?

Howard’s home in Orlando, as we reported last week, will probably go on the market soon. (Via iRealty Times)

I’m surprised that Howard would sell his home in Orlando, because athletes love to stay in the Sunshine State for the tax breaks that it affords, but I guess as he’s on the verge of signing his superstar contract and receiving an Adidas deal equal to or greater than what Derrick Rose recently signed, he might as well put a cash printing press in his home.

Good for him. I’m not bitter. I have Nikola Vučević now.

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