Dwight Howard Dunks In Boring Game

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As the Orlando Magic close out their woefully inconsistent regular season, the team’s main concern remains Dwight Howard’s fondness of technical fouls and Gilbert Arenas’ love of being paid $20 million to be horrendous. In the meantime, though, Dwight believes that he is still a legitimate MVP candidate, despite being suspended twice already this season for his 18 technical fouls. The reason that Dwight believes he should still be a favorite for MVP is because nobody’s better at dunking on top of people who aren’t paying attention than him.

Take poor Jrue Holiday, for instance. During the Magic’s 95-85 meaningless win over the Philadelphia 76ers last night, Jameer Nelson lobbed a pass to Howard for a quick and painful alley oop, as Howard dunked the ball on Holiday’s head. Howard joked with the media after the game that he warned Holiday not to jump, and then he asked everyone in the locker room for a moment of silence for Holiday’s noggin.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a dark room, Bennett Salvatore practiced his technical foul hand motions…

Here’s the dunk in question:

The Orlando Sentinel calls it Howard’s best dunk of the season, which is a bit hyperbolic, but I also prefer my dunks by men in top hats and monocles.

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