Dwight Howard Has Been Dragged Into The Casey Anthony Case

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06.28.11 3 Comments

Jeff Ashton is quickly making a name for himself in the legal world as the Assistant State Attorney prosecuting the Casey Anthony case in Orlando, Florida, which I refuse to call the “Trial of the Century” because I still have faith that a former professional athlete can eventually top this. According to Channel 13 News, Ashton has also made a name for himself as a wearer of wacky ties during courtroom proceedings, which adds fuel to my desire to get Nancy Grace to wear wacky paper bags over her head.

Ashton’s tie of choice for yesterday, which you can see below, comes from the StayDwight.com collection, as the attorney’s son asked him to wear a tie to support the cause of keeping Howard in Orlando. I can only imagine Howard seeing the above tie and shouting, “Eureka! Where’s that contract?!” In fairness, though, this is much more humane than my idea of throwing basketballs at Casey Anthony every day until Dwight re-signs.

As for the actual fan campaign, StawyDwight.com was launched by Ryan Totka, who is a Magic fan and celebrity booking agent. I suppose that means that while Magic GM Otis Smith tries to surround Howard with more bad contracts to convince him to stay, Totka can surround him with J-Woww’s breasts. I’ll take the latter effort.

Well if that doesn’t do the trick, then nothing will.

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