Terror Strikes The Lakers: Dwight Howard Was Pooping During Monday’s Earthquake

While new Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard waits for the doorways and halls to be raised in his new home in HELL Newport Beach, he’s currently staying at a posh hotel in Beverly Hills. That, of course, has made him readily accessible for TMZ and the other Los Angeles paparazzi, and Howard is fine with that because he shamelessly wants to be loved and will slap on the smile and charm at the first flash of a bulb.

Early Monday morning, residents in some areas of L.A. experienced a mild earthquake that registered 3.3 on the see you at the party Richter scale. TMZ caught up with Howard yesterday to ask him about his first earthquake since being traded to the Lakers, and, well, we’re lucky to still have him with us.

“I was in the toilet … and It shook me off the toilet,” Dwight told us.

For the record, 3.2 is WEAK SAUCE … the Northridge quake that hit back in 1994 was a 6.7 and lasted almost 20 seconds. The Sylmar quake in ’71 was a 6.6.

You hear that, world? WEAK SAUCE. That’s a SCIEN … TIFIC term… bro. The TMZ guy with a camera also asked if the earthquake made Howard reconsider his trade to L.A. and he reaffirmed his love for saying he loves L.A. in front of cameras.

But a fall from a toilet could be pretty serious for a guy who recently had back surgery that kept him from flying to Orlando for his kids camp and may cause him to miss the start of the NBA season, so he should probably see a doctor to make sure it’s okay for him to fly to China again.