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We don’t give the NBA a lot of love over here, partly because there are other sites that do it much better than we ever could, but also because there’s a handful of NBA players that just seemed to have been anointed as “stars” without really having done anything other than get the benefit of a few borderline calls (and others not-so-borderline). And Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade has always been Exhibit A of that for me. From 2006 to 2007, he got every call. EVERY call. And then I heard he went to a diner and only tipped 15 percent!

So anyway, I personally enjoyed watching him get pwned twice over by LeBron James in the Heat’s game with Cleveland last night. James dunked on Wade in the second quarter and then, at the end of the game, James intercepted an ill-advised behind-the-back pass from Wade, and took it to the hole. James took the foul and hit both free throws for the win. And then Wade probably went and hung out with the WWE’s Randy Orton, because I bet those guys have a lot in common.

Here’s video of the dunk. Check out the steal after the jump.

And here’s the steal…

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