Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union Hung Out With Nebraska Football Recruits On The Sideline

When you are a college football team, you want any edge you can get in recruiting. Anything that can help get recruits hyped for your team is a plus. As such, it is probably nice for the University of Nebraska that Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union were on the sidelines of their game Saturday hanging out with recruits.

Game day visits are frequently used as a tool to try and score recruits. The sidelines are often full of high school students that the university is hoping will be excited enough about the school to commit to go there. Occasionally, celebrities are also found on college football sidelines, and in this case at least a couple of Cornhuskers recruits met legendary basketball player Wade and actress Union, who are also married.

Now, you don’t usually think of “celebrities” when you think of Nebraska, and Wade has no personal ties to the state. As you have probably heard, Wade has recently returned to his hometown of Chicago to play NBA basketball, and he went to college at Marquette. However, Union is a Nebraska native, went to the University of Nebraska, and is a huge fan of the football team. This is obvious from the photos recruits posted with her and Wade.

One assumes the university is more than happy to allow Wade and Union on their sideline, knowing something like this could happen. These recruits seem pretty happy to be meeting Wade and Union. Also, Nebraska beat Fresno State 43-10 on Saturday. That probably helps with recruiting too.