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After the kid gloves the refs used (and still use) on Dwyane Wade in last year's NBA playoffs, it got to be really easy to make jokes like, "That gentle breeze just fouled Dwyane Wade." Jokes similar to that one have been made on the Internet approximately 1.7 million times in the last seven months or so. For me, at least, it's partially obscured just how good Flash is. Example, (courtesy the NBA Fanhaus):

Yeah, it's a pretty good shot. And by the way, this post totally fouled Dwyane Wade. 

As recompense for four straight NFL-related posts, I offer you more eye-popping NBA goodness (in the form of Steve Nash) after the jump.

I recommend you go to the nearest basketball court and try this for half an hour. I imagine it's pretty difficult.

Most impressive to me? He uses his left foot. I played soccer for something like ten years, and I can't kick the curb with my left foot.

(This one's from the FanHaus, too. Thanks, Skeets.) 

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