Dwyane Wade Loses A Leg In Taiwan Animation’s NBA Playoffs Recap

Earlier today I posted a list of the 5 things you should see from last night’s NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. Taiwan’s Next Media Animation did something similar … only the stuff they saw only exists in their batshit brains.

Highlights from Taiwan animation’s Game 7 recap include Dwyane Wade’s leg snapping off at the knee and gushing blood, Chris Bosh discovering that he is a ghost, Roy Hibbert’s memory operating like somebody’s Vine and a Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James doppelgänger laying waste to his Miami Heat counterpart. It’s weird, but that’s to be expected. Taiwan’s also really into this thing now where they make basketball players look like NBA Jam characters instead of interchangeable mannequins, which I enjoy.

Video is after the jump. I would consider it a prerequisite to watching the NBA Finals. You know Taiwan’s already working on 50 different ways to say Tim Duncan is old.

I feel so bad for Ghost Dad Chris Bosh. Maybe if the Heat lose in the Finals, he can teach his family valuable lessons by haunting them.