Dwyane Wade Presents The NBA GIF Of The Year

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04.20.12 4 Comments

Despite the Chicago Bulls resting Derrick Rose and the Miami Heat giving Chris Bosh the night off, a lot of people called last night’s matchups between the 1- and 2-seeds in the Eastern Conference a preview of the conference finals. With all due respect to the Boston Celtics and maybe the New York Knicks, they’re probably right. So if you’re looking beyond the Bulls missing their centerpiece and the Heat missing their ostrich versatile big man, Miami won this battle, 83-72.

Realistically, the only value of this game is that Miami still has an opportunity to steal the No. 1 spot from the Bulls. But perhaps I’m not looking at this from the players’ perspective, because Dwyane Wade showed everyone just how intense an Eastern Conference Finals featuring the Heat and Bulls could be, when he tossed Rip Hamilton on his butt after he got a tad too pokey with his elbows.

And thanks to Twitter’s best NBA fan, Jose3030, we can now enjoy this moment in GIF form for the rest of eternity.

Meanwhile, Wade’s girlfriend and moderately OK-looking actress, Gabrielle Union, was on Conan the other night, and she told Conan O’Brien that Wade has actually banned her from sitting at courtside, because she’s mean to refs and calls players mean names. Of course she’s kind of joking, but if I were Wade, I’d want her at courtside so I could make her stand facing the crowd. I’m pretty sure her posterior could distract blind men.

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