Dwyane Wade Took Seven Steps While Holding A Basketball. What Nobody Did Next Will Shock You.

I still haven’t gotten the hang of those headlines. It’s giving you too much information. “ONE MAN WALKED. THEY SAID HE SHOULDN’T. HE DID IT ANYWAY AND THE RESULTS WERE MIND BLOWING” probably would’ve been better.

Anyway, holy shit, Baby Monkey Riding Backwards On A Pig doesn’t travel as much as Dwyane Wade traveled during a December 28 game against the Portland Trail Blazers. A Redditor named catanimal is heading a crusade to make sure anybody who’s ever taken the NBA seriously watches D-Wade take seven freaking steps without being called for it.

It’s hard to argue with your eyeballs. Here’s Wade being the NBA’s Hubble telescope, traveling to new, unexplored places. He should’ve just tucked the ball under his arm and jogged toward the basket.

Here’s the travel in GIF form, with handy footstep counter, courtesy of that same Reddit post:

Next time they play the Blazers he should play on a Segway.

h/t to Guyism