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The Philadelphia Eagles held final auditions for their cheerleading squad in front of a sold-out Annenberg Center last night, and I'm pleased to announce that they selected a bunch of very attractive, fit women.  Oh yeah: and sisters.

Among the 15 rookies are two sisters from Media – Paige [left] and Danni-Lynn Bell [right] – who are joining their sister, Nikki [center], who made the squad last year.

"I think it's amazing to have three sisters who all have similar interests, all love the performing arts, and all have the qualifications to make the squad," [director Barbara] Zaun said.

You know, I've never quite understood why, as men, we would want twins or regular sisters together in a sexual situation.  I mean, the thought of incest turns my stomach.  There's no way that sisters making out could be sexy.  And yet here's my penis, wishing for exactly that.  Love is mysterious thing, my friends.

[More photos and video at the Eagles Cheerleaders' page]

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