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The Eagles cheerleaders went someplace sunny and sandy to shoot their forthcoming calendar, and good news, everyone: it's going to be eco-friendly (follow link for slide show).

The Eagles Cheerleaders annual calendar has been widely known for its cutting-edge concepts and style [like that one year, when they… uh… wore bikinis -Ed.], and this year it’s Going Green. The 38 bio-licious women on the squad will be wearing bikinis made of 95% organic cotton and recycled plastic soda bottles as well as jewelry and accessories made from bamboo and other recycled, upcycled and repurposed products such as CDs, computer chips, glass, cable wire, candy wrappers and watch parts.

And yet, all I want the Eagles cheerleaders to do is throw the bikinis away.   That's irony you can masturbate to, friends.

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