The Eagles Covered On A 50-Yard Fumble Return TD As Time Expired Against Washington

The Eagles and Redskins met in Washington in a pivotal division game for Philly, as they needed a win desperately to keep their hopes of a division title and playoff berth alive despite entering with a 6-7 record.

Philly trailed in the final minute of the game, but a touchdown pass from Carson Wentz to Greg Ward Jr. gave them a 31-27 lead.

Now, if you bet on Washington at anywhere from +4.5 to +6.5 this was fine. You were still covering and after the Redskins crossed midfield with under 10 seconds to play, meaning a hail mary attempt was to come, the prospects of a bad beat seemed extremely slim. However, as you know because you read the headline, slim is not none, and rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins provided Eagles bettors with a gift and Washington backers with a truly painful loss in the form of a horrific lateral decision that led to a 50-yard scoop and score.

This was, quite literally, the only way you lose if you were on Washington. A pick on a Hail Mary is not going to be run back 100 yards, as the defender would just fall down. However, big men don’t get a lot of chances for glory and as such when Nigel Bradham got the ball he wasn’t thinking about falling down to ensure the win, he was thinking of a rare touchdown.

It is truly a horror show of a bad beat and in the running for worst of the year, given the circumstance, how far away from the end zone the defense was to get such a touchdown, and that Washington was winning with 30 seconds to play. For everyone with a Redskins ticket, I send my sincere condolences. Meanwhile, those with Eagles tickets should be thanking the deity of their preference.