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Guys beat the piss out of each other for many reasons, but usually it just revolves around money and/or girls. Or videogames, which is just stupid.  Unless you play for ECU and your name is Leonard Paulk or Jonathan Williams.  If that case applies to you, then you just got in a really embarrassing altercation at an awards luncheon over some cupcakes that cost you your spot in the Liberty Bowl.

Read this, and let it sink in:

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reported that Paulk and Williams scuffled during the AutoZone Liberty Bowl awards luncheon and nearly flipped over a table while fighting over a dessert. According to the paper, one player had the other in a headlock and was hitting him.–

Raising your voice and getting a little huffy is one thing, but nearly flipping a table in front of your team, coaches, league officials and media is on a whole different level.  There’s likely more at play here.  For instance, maybe Williams stepped on Paulk’s Puma.  Or maybe over the holidays Paulk feels like they’ve been growing apart and the dessert is a symbol of their friendship and how Williams always just takes and takes, and Paulk feels he has nothing left to give.  So really, the fight wasn’t about dessert at all – it was about love.  This sounds like a case for Dr. Phil.

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