Ed Reed Is A Fiery Competitor

12.27.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

It’s funny, you see, because sometimes when someone is doing something particularly well, especially in sports, people will often refer to that person as being “on fire.” But in Ravens safety Ed Reed’s case, he was both figuratively and literally on fire during Baltimore’s 20-10 romp of the Cleveland Browns. Now, try and keep up here: Reed secured his fifth and sixth interceptions of the season yesterday in the win that stamped the Ravens’ ticket to a third consecutive postseason appearance, so he was “on fire” in that regard, but he was also literally on fire after his jacket partially ignited when Reed plunked down too close to a sideline heater. The comic genius of it all is in its subtlety, obviously.

Reed was unharmed in the smoky incident due to the quick thinking of some teammates who alerted him to his smoldering status. That’s teamwork right there, kids.

“I think you’ve got your hook for your story,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said. “Ed was on fire. He really was on fire. He just played so well. He’s such a factor back there, run game and pass game.”

Reed, who warned Harbaugh not to get too close to the sideline heaters before his own episode, had another lesson to impart before leaving Cleveland.

“You’ve got to be smart trying to stay warm,” he said with a laugh. “[I was] too warm.” [via]

Huh. Even Coach Harbaugh saw the “on fire” angle. Perhaps my astute comic acumen isn’t as finely honed as I have led myself to believe. Sigh.

Video follows.

Good stuff. I haven’t been so intrigued by a smoking jacket since I ordered a Hugh Hefner model last Christmas. Talk about some classy attire. That little number reeks of sophistication. And now, sadly, Boone’s Farm as well.

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