Eddie Lacy Becomes The Latest American To Try And Lose Weight With P90X

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals

Usually when normal people say a professional athlete is “fat” or “out of shape,” what they’re referring to is still someone in much better physical condition than them. However, Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy is the exception to that rule because he appears to actually be fat. And, because it’s optimal in his profession to be in peak physical condition, Lacy is doing the same thing most of us do when we realize we’re fat: He’s starting P90X.

ESPN reports Lacy has placed an emphasis on getting in better shape this offseason at the urging of his head coach Mike McCarthy, so he’s leaning on the popular fitness program to get him going. Unlike all of us regular people, Lacy isn’t ordering the DVDs and the cook book, though. Instead, he’s linked up with P90X founder Tony Horton himself to set up an “evolving and continuing” personalized regimen.

The Packers hope their running back being in more desirable physical shape will help Lacy return to form on the field. The 5’11, 237-pound back racked up just 758 yards on the ground in 2015 after back to back 1,100 yard seasons before that. Lacy also dealt with nagging injuries throughout the year, and was largely responsible for the Packers failing to establish a consistent running game all year long, even though he was able to do stuff like this every now and then.

(Via ESPN)