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This post is not sports-related. Guess who doesn’t care. No, really. Guess.

Michael Jackson in heaven, along with Eddie Murphy’s career

So Michael Jackson is FINALLY starting to fall out of Trending Topics on twitter and I still haven’t seen the only tribute to Michael that I’ve been waiting to see. And I’m talking about the collab that wasn’t with Michael Jordan: this 1993 video of Jackson singing with…yep, that’s Eddie Murphy, singing “Whatz Up Wit U.” This could only have happened in the 90s; bear in mind this is before anyone had text messaging capability. Well, Michael probably had it by then. That guy had so much money that he probably had two of everything. Can you text with a chimp?

We never find out if the elephant died…Certainly this is more fitting that Murphy’s other “tribute” to Jackson ten years earlier. I guess Jacko was just Eddie’s type of guy.

**Probably not true

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