10.14.08 9 years ago 6 Comments

The Knicks’ Eddy Curry is listed at 285 pounds, but bloggers-in-the-know claim his real weight is probably closer to 325, or what Shaq aspires to get down to one day.

But exactly how fat is Eddy Curry?  Since the numbers seem to lie, let’s go with anecdotal evidence:

Poor Eddy Curry. He sat on the giant blue physio-ball during a break from Monday’s practice and the ball exploded. Eddy fell and scraped and his wrist but should be okay. The ball, which is used for stretching exercises, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Yes, poor Eddy Curry.  Paid millions of dollars to stay in shape, when all he wants to do is eat.  What a miserable existence!

For the record, I would pay sixty dollars to have video of this event.  Twice as much if the rest of the team got around him and started making fat jokes.  I’ve always been a fan of, “You went to the hospital for a blood transfusion, and they had to hold a gravy drive.”

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