Eli Manning Had Some Great Dad Jokes About Giants Players Shirtless On A Yacht

01.04.17 1 year ago

Getty Image / @JustinWitmondt

Mere hours after the New York Giants knocked the Washington Redskins out of the playoffs to finish their regular season with a win, the team’s wide receivers — Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz, and Roger Lewis — hopped on a plane to Miami to have a year-end celebration, where they went clubbing (apparently with Justin Bieber), and hung out on a boat the next day.

It looked like they had a great 18 hours or so:

Now, in the sports media echo chamber, that could have easily become a firestorm of controversy. You can hear the talk radio guys now: “Don’t they know they have a playoff game in a week?” “Why don’t they care about the team?” But the Giants have refused to take the bait and condemn the wide receivers for doing what they want on their free time.

Head coach Ben McAdoo said simply, “They were off,” and Eli Manning had a wonderful response when asked if he had any concerns:

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