01.07.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

Giants quarterback Eli Manning celebrated his 28th birthday last Friday night at swanky Manhattan club Tenjune on annoyingly-hard-to-find Little West 12th Street.  Along for the ride were some teammates and his wife Abby, who apparently gets a little frisky after some tequila shots.

After a few rounds of tequila shots, our spy said Eli’s wife, Abby “gave him a special lap dance” while Beyoncé’s hit, “Single Ladies,” blared. “They were trying to hide, but everyone on the dance floor could see them.”

I, for one, disapprove of Page Six’s invasion of Eli and Abby’s privacy.  A lap dance is a sacred thing that gets shared between a man and his wife.  Or a man and a coke-addled high school dropout.  Or a man and a Colombian immigrant with hair extensions.  Or a man and another man who looks like a woman.  I could go on, but kids and animals are slow to learn how to give a proper lap dance.  Or so I’ve heard.  From your dad.

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