07.03.07 11 years ago 42 Comments

You know, a lot of people don't like Eli Manning just because he whined his way out of the most beautiful city in America and was wildly overrated because other people in his family also play quarterback.  But you should listen to Frank Gifford.  Frank Gifford knows how good Eli can be.

"Get him a couple more receivers and get him a little more time to throw the ball and he'll be better than his Father," Gifford said on MSG's "State of the Giants."

Wow!  Better than Archie Manning?  That hardly seems possible.  You have to excel for a long time to get to Archie's career TD/INT ratio of 125/173.  Except switch out the word "excel" for "suck balls."

Also, does anybody know why "father" is capitalized in that quote?  Is Archie actually God or something?  Because if Archie Manning is Jesus, then I take back what I said.  Even if He sucked at quarterback.

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