Eli Manning And Odell Beckham Jr. Starred In A Weird Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial

09.09.15 3 years ago

For all the props Peyton Manning gets for his commercials, it can be easy to overlook that Eli Manning does a pretty good job hamming it up on television, too. His recent ad for DirecTV, in which he plays the bad comedian alter ego of himself, was pretty funny. And, of course, “Football Cops” remains internet gold:

But this Dunkin’ Donuts ad with Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is…creepy? Awkward, perhaps? And, besides, what’s “Camp Commitment?” What are we committing to? Donuts? Coffee? Increasing market share in the ultra-competitive Starbucks and McDonald’s breakfast product lines? Possible restraining orders?

It’s not clear, but Manning and Beckham look quite uncomfortable during the whole thing and I’m not convinced they’re actually acting.

(Via Dunkin’ Donuts)

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