05.29.07 11 years ago 14 Comments

Elijah Dukes has gotten plenty of attention lately, from the allegations of threatening to kill his wife (he ain't even bullshittin, dawg) to the foul-mouthed brush-off he gave Tampa reporters.  But there's also the little issue of him delivering the game-winning hit in the bottom of the ninth against the Tigers last night.  Dukes singled home two runs with the bases loaded to cap the D-Rays' comeback from a 5-2 deficit, proving yet again that athletes can do whatever they want as long as they excel on the ball field.  As well it should be.  Pro athletes are better than us and deserve to live above the law.

Meanwhile, in the Tigers' clubhouse, baseball genius Jim Leyland somehow is still using Todd Jones as the closer to blow games.  I simply don't understand.  Can no one else on that team grow an effective closer mustache?

Other MLB stuff: Adrian Beltre hit two home runs and two doubles, and Ichiro extended his hitting streak to 21 games as the Mariners beat up Bartolo Colon and the Angels 12-5… Kyle Lohse threw a complete game shutout to prevent the Reds bullpen from blowing another game, as Cincinnati snapped a six-game losing streak by beating the Pirates… the Red Sox (35-15) keep winning, the Yankees (21-28) keep losing, and everything that Orlando Cabrera said about Yankees fans, in my experience (with a few exceptions), is true.

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