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Man, it's Turn Back the Clock Day at With Leather.  First '80 Heather Locklear Thomas, then Christie Brinkley, and now Elisabeth Shue.  Yes, as my good friend Brooks pointed out recently, Elisabeth Shue is training to become a professional tennis player.

Shue said she feels she is good at the game, and has confirmed that she might conisder tennis as a second career. "It's always been a dream of mine. I don't think I'll be playing at the US Open, but, by September, I'd like to be competing professionally, even at the lowest level. I've been training so hard, now I feel like more of a tennis player than an actress," Shue said.

When reached for comment, Hollywood producers and directors agreed that she's more of a tennis player than an actress. 

I kid, Elisabeth.  I appreciate all that you've accomplished.  Your contribution to the Karate Kid franchise is impossible to ignore.  And after I saw Adventures in Babysitting as a kid, I was disappointed in every babysitter I had from that point on.  Which is saying a lot, because I had babysitters until I was seventeen.  And you were the best thing about Leaving Las Vegas, except for that part when Nicolas Cage fell through the glass table.  "I'm a prickly a pear!"  I still laugh about that today.  It's funny because he was drunk.

In conclusion, something something about tennis and your tits looked great in Hollow Man, which was a total piece of shit.

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