03.24.07 11 years ago 2 Comments

Wow, quite exciting NCAA tournament matches last night.  And at least we'll get to see some higher-seeded unknowns play in the Elite Eight, like #3 Oregon.  Oh, forget it.  How are we supposed to taunt the NCAA Selection Committee with catcalls of "Your seeding acumen is laughable!"  Anyway, no surprise that the the only Jesuit institution left in the tourney cheated to win.  

[Jeff] Green squeezed between two defenders, spun and banked in a short, off-balance shot with 2.5 seconds to play to lead Georgetown to a 66-65 victory over Vanderbilt in the East Regional semifinals Friday night.  Replays seemed to suggest Green traveled by picking up his pivot foot. None of the three officials saw it that way.

I have no love for robber barons or their universities, but methinks some minions of Pope Benedict XVI discussed how traveling infractions apply to Catholics with the three officials before the game.  If Clark Kellogg can recognize a violation, the only way to explain the referees' blindness is that the fix was in. 

North Carolina also cheated by scoring 18 points in a row without letting USC score any.  That's not very sporting.  Future psychiatrists will undoubtedly be trained by watching Tim Floyd's descent into madness during the second half. -KD

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