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This is a tale of resilience, which people often refer to as “resiliency,” but I’m pretty sure that that’s not even a word. But anyway, it’s also a cautionary tale to anyone considering sleeping in a tent at the bottom of a hill, especially in the vicinity of any sort of rugby team, who decided to push a cylindrical grass roller into the tent of sleeping Emma Winch.

The ‘prank’ also left Emma Winch with facial injuries after she was crushed by the huge cylinder, which was rolled down a hill. The 26-year-old had been camping at Aberaeron Rugby Club, near Aberystwyth, West Wales, where she was due to play in a competition.

After she was discharged [from the hospital] last night, she said: ‘I heard it coming. There was like a lot of banging and then I heard people laughing. ‘I stopped the roller with my head. My face was numb so I couldn’t feel much. I have had a lucky escape.’ via, via.

Twenty-one members of an under-19 club were arrested and kicked out of the scheduled tournament. Winch was more critical of the parents on that team than the players themselves, claiming that the team had been drinking all day and night. And really, I just wanted to post this image of Winch, because I’ve never been so turned on by a woman with two black eyes before. This must be why Warren Moon was beating his wife for all those years.

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