Emmitt Smith’s List Of Goals For The 1993-1994 Season Is The Ultimate Throwback Thursday

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Emmitt Smith has always been an overachiever. Don’t believe it? Then just take a gander (that’s right, that’s the word I used) at this recently surfaced (and allegedly real) list of goals Smith set for his 1993-1994 season. This list is so old school that it looks like it’s fresh out an ink-jet printer. No lasers for this bad boy.

Originally posted to Reddit and then picked up by outlets around the Internet for its inspirational (and humorous) appeal, this two-decade-old list is a sight that would make any mother proud. Just check out all that Smith wanted to do in one short year:

emmitt smith goals


So how did Smith do? Fox Sports reports that he got really close to some of his goals but didn’t nail all of them. Here are his most notable successes from the list.

Be named to 1st team All-Pro (Check!) – He knocked that one down, easy.

Go to the Pro Bowl for 4th year (Check!) – Winner once again, after a bit of a humble brag (I mean couldn’t he have just said “go to the Pro Bowl”)

Be named MVP of the NFL (Check!) – You read that right. There was a time in the NFL when a position other than quarterback could be named MVP.

Go to the Super Bowl and win again (with 225 yards rushing and 3 T.D.) (Eh?) – You had to add that last parenthesis Emmitt, huh? The Cowboys won the Super Bowl, but Smith finished the game with 132 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

Be named Super Bowl MVP (Check!) – Boom. Smith was named the MVP even though he missed his individual statistical goal for the game.

Yeah, yeah, but did he go to Disneyland? That’s the important question here.

(Via Reddit)

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