An Empty Water Park Looks Like The Coolest Place To Go Skateboarding

Growing up playing the various Tony Hawk games makes you think of every place as a possible skate park. Every construction site, middle school, and mall suddenly turns into a place full of things to grind or do kickflips off of with ease.

One such place that always seems like a great fake skatepark is a water park. Sure, there’s always a bunch of people and thousands of gallons of water in the preventing this from happening, but if you could clear all of that out, the thought of skating down a gigantic slide or in one of the empty pools sounds pretty cool.

As Red Bull taught us, when this happens, it looks just as cool as you’d think. A water park in Dubai was drained out for some reason, and a trio of skaters – Alex Sorgente, Milton Martinez, and Jan Hoffman – skated all across the park. These three do everything from skating down gigantic slides to treating slides like big halfpipes, and make skating around a water park look like a ton of fun.

Hopefully this turns into a series and these skaters travel around the world shredding at various public places. At the very least, we need a video where they skate in an abandoned warehouse while Goldfinger’s “Superman” plays in the background.

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