The Indiana Hoosiers Football Team Did The ‘Thriller’ Dance At Practice

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10.31.13 3 Comments

Earlier today, we celebrated the Oklahoma Sooners for playing dress-up at a practice this week, as Coach Bob Stoops and his team were feeling pretty relaxed with another week until their next (huge) game against Baylor. The Indiana Hoosiers, though, play the Minnesota Golden Gophers on Saturday, and yet that didn’t stop Coach Kevin Wilson and his team from having a little Halloween fun of their own today.

The majority of the Hoosiers players danced along (or at least feigned interest, bless their hearts) with one of the assistant coaches and senior RB Stephen Houston. At least I think that’s Houston. It’s tough to tell because Indiana has three players wearing No. 12. That’s just mean and confusing. But they made up for it with this video.

(H/T to Coaching Search)

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