The Entire Iowa State Student Section Flopped To Honor OK State's Marcus Smart

On Saturday, the No. 16 Iowa State Cyclones managed to fend off the Oklahoma State Cowboys and dynamic guard Marcus Smart thanks to the equally dynamic play of DeAndre Kane. But I’m sure the Iowa State fans in Cyclone Alley would like to take a little credit for the win as well, after they paid tribute to the worst part of Smart’s game during the OK State player introductions. Long story short, Smart has a bit of a reputation for being a flopper, and the Iowa State fans showed their appreciation for his fine art of fakery by flopping in unison as his name was called.

As far as college basketball student section tomfoolery goes, this has to be one of the best collective performances I’ve ever seen. If anything, it’s way better than chanting, “How’s your grandma?” at a player whose grandmother just died. *cough, DUKE, cough*

The ESPN clip doesn’t do the crowd flop much justice, though, as it actually looked more like a one-section wave gone wrong, which you can see in this clip from Cyclone TV.

For the unfamiliar, here’s a brief compilation of some of Smart’s flop-floppety floppy flopping, including last month’s performance at the Kansas Jayhawks, in which he pulled off some Matrix-level flopping.