Eri Yoshida Better Watch Her Panties

04.09.10 9 years ago 7 Comments

Eri Yoshida, the 18-year-old Japanese pitching phenom who made news in March after she worked with Boston Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield on her pitching, has accepted an offer to pitch for the California-based Chico Outlaws of the Golden Baseball League, making her the first Japanese woman to play professional baseball with men.

“I have fretted over many things for a long time,” Yoshida told her fans in a blog. “But I have concluded that I should not lose this chance to do what I can do only now.

“I really want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for an opportunity to pursue my dream again and have a wonderful experience,” she said, adding she was “really sorry that I cannot repay your kindness in Japan.” -Inquirer Sports.

Although the Dragons are making “special accommodations” for the young lady, including “separate locker room facilities and hotel rooms while traveling on roadtrips,” if I were her, I would keep a close eye on her panties. Given the meager sums of money most minor league baseball players earn and the fact that Yoshida’s undergarments would fetch a hefty sum in the Japanese panty vending machine market, there is no telling what stunts those goofy ballplayers will pull to get their hands on her underwear, just so they can turn a profit.

Hey, I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

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