Eric Reid’s Cleats Pay Tribute To The History Of Protest And Feature Colin Kaepernick


The Carolina Panthers will square off against the New Orleans Saints in the Week 15 edition of Monday Night Football. Considering it is a battle between NFC South rivals, there is plenty of intrigue on the football side of things, particularly given the fact that the Saints could very well be in for a test in Charlotte. However, there is more to the evening (and, really, everything) than football and that brings us to Panthers safety Eric Reid.

Reid, who was unemployed for a curious length of time despite a high level of play on the field, inked a deal with Carolina after the season began and, in addition to his on-field exploits, he is well known for engaging in protests during the national anthem.

Reid elected to kneel again after returning to the league and, for this particular contest against New Orleans, he will be wearing special-edition cleats that he describes as “a tribute to the history of protest.”

As you can see above, there is an image of protestors with signs reading “I know my rights” and, as Reid notes, the concept of “If not us, who? If not now, when?” is also featured. Colin Kaepernick’s likeness can also be found on the shoes and Reid’s initial protest, as a member of the San Francisco 49ers, took place alongside his now-former teammate.

Reid has made quite an impact already but, with this choice and a partnership with artist Brandon Odums, he will do so again under the brightest spotlight that a regular season NFL game can bring.

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