The Kansas City Royals Pumped Up Eric Stonestreet For His Appearance On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Look, being an award-winning actor can be hard. Sure, there’s the acclaim and the earning large sums of money, but there are years where they don’t win and are still expected to do things like appear on talk shows. With Modern Family finally ending its Emmy run, Eric Stonestreet needed an emotional boost now more than ever.

Stonestreet happens to be fan of the playoffs-bound Kansas City Royals, and he provided the team with a video of encouragement that still gets played in the stadium to pump up the fans. In an attempt to return the favor, the Royals made a similar video for Stonestreet to get him pumped up for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Everybody from All-Star Salvador Perez to broadcaster Rex Hudler were on hand to get Stonestreet pumped up about taking a deep breath, telling good stories, and being funny.

The team video seemed to do the trick, though Stonestreet might want to get back to Drew Butera. He seemed really distressed about not getting that text back.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)