Erik Karlsson Claims That He’s Putting His Silver Medal On eBay Because Boo Hoo

If you’re the kind of sports fan that absolutely loves the Olympics and can’t wait to load up on all sorts of memorabilia for your collection every two years, then you’re probably the target audience for the companies who sell replica medals, among other items. In fact, a quick search on eBay reveals that for as cheap as $16 you can pick up a replica medal from recent Olympic Games, and for a little more cash, you can even purchase actual participation medals from years past. But if you’re more interested in utilitarian value, this Olympic medal bottle opener might be right in your wheelhouse.

But what about an actual Olympic medal? Can you purchase someone else’s athletic achievements on the world’s largest auction website? Of course. Hell, for $100,000, you can own a set of Olympic fencer Giuseppe Delfino’s medals if that’s something that you’d like to have. Otherwise, you might be able to wait a few days and take a stab at Team Sweden and Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson’s silver medal from the 2014 Winter Olympics, because the sore loser claimed he’s putting it on eBay, too.

Ottawa Senators Swedish defenceman Erik Karlsson was clearly gutted after losing the gold medal final of the men’s hockey tournament to Canada.

According to Olympic News Service, this is what he had to say when asked what his silver medal meant to him: “You will see when I put it out on eBay.” (Via Senators Extra, H/T to CBS)

Will he do it? Probably not. But a lot of people will certainly be watching eBay for the next few weeks just in case he does. I suppose if the opportunity presented itself, and the price was in the right range (a two-digit Buy It Now might just scratch my itch, Erik) I would be inclined to buy this medal, but it’s so hard to justify it when I can purchase this watch that allows me to have a replica medal while knowing what time it is.