Erin Andrews Loves Justin Bieber

Senior Writer
07.13.11 4 Comments

While baseball fans and fans of the NFL and NBA with nothing to live for watched the MLB All-Star Game last night, ESPN and bored athletes hosted pre-parties for the world’s most popular awards show – The ESPYs. Because, you know, athletes aren’t rewarded enough by winning their sports. But the star-studded affair is the talk of Los Angeles and the sports world today because, well, what the hell else are we going to talk about? Unless you want to give out your own ESPYs to pass the time until baseball resumes tomorrow. Because that’s not lame at all.

Since the ESPYs are live we can’t enjoy the fun of publishing spoilers all day (who is going to win the ESPY for Best Lockout???) but we can at least make fun of the people involved a little. Like Erin Andrews, for instance, as she recently told Access Hollywood that she’s in love with Justin Bieber. I’m not sure if she used those words or not, but she couldn’t stop gushing over the pint-sized pop star, as well as Ryan Reynolds. Basically, she has a thing for Canadians. I believe that is treason.

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